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Aphid Moon

London, United Kingdom


Aphid Records
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Aphid Moon is the solo act of producer & Dj Jules Hamer. He has released two albums so far. The first called High Diver on Dragonfly Records in 2003; a deep night time sound with a distinctly British psy-trance flavor. His second album Global Culture was released May 2005 on Nano Records has really moved with the times and technology with fatter more fullon production and an infectious dance sound.

With the help of the insane software revolution he has steadily been developing his own unique style. Over the last decade Aphid Moon has released on countless psy-trance labels and played DJ & live sets in Japan, Israel, S.A., Brazil, Europe and the U.K parties and festivals.

In the past two years he has teamed up with trance legend Dick Trevor (Green Nuns, Dickster and Jumanji); together they have formed AMD (aka. Aphid Moon and Dickster) a formidable trance duo. With a number of killer releases so far they’re working hard on their first album due out on Nano at the beginning of 2006.

To hear samples of tracks from his extensive discography and keep up to date with the latest gigs and releases please visit his website in the links.

Review of Global Culture in Mushroom Magazine Sept 8th 2005: Aphid Moon, Global Culture, (Nano) CD

On Nano records Mr. Jules Hamer presents his second throw of psychedelic glam. His hard driving acid theatre made of clear grooves and intense psychedelics stands out of the league of full on you know already. Within a fist full of great tools for global main floor stimulation his music is real progressive, and it’s sharp and toxic enough to expand your boarders of dance experience. This album demands your energy to create the floors collective. It will make you dance this summer if you want or not – be sure.

This is psychedelic trance.