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Apex first discovered electronic music through drum and bass, playing alongside respected artists such as Kenny Ken, Brockie and Shy Fx. After spending a while travelling and repeatedly finding himself drawn to psytrance parties he decided that was the music he really wanted to DJ.

Since then he has energised dance floors at parties and festivals such as Hadra, Soulclipse, Aurora, Alien Safari, Prism, Burning Man, 303 Art Festival and many others. He has made appearances in America, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, England, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Norway, South Africa, Switzerland, Tunisia, Thailand and Turkey.

He has released collaborations with artists including Rev, Ajja, Aphid Moon and Yab-Yum on various compilations.

He has also compiled two compilations for Peak Records, Peak-a-doodle-doo, that was released in 2008, and Peakological, scheduled for release in November 2011.