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Anuj followed Electronica since the time he would go to school in India. Those were the early 90s – and Europop was the IN thing! He did not have what it takes to own his DJ Equipment then, so once he reached College, he started hitting Clubs. First to Dance, and then to see “what the DJs were up to!”. A couple of months later, he started assisting DJs when they would take breaks. Anuj still maintains, “Those were the BEST days .. the Real Learning came the Hard Way”. Chasing his dream and profession made him move to US – where he got his “tool” setup. And after that, it was a case of practice, Practice, PRACTICE. His Mixes are very unique, for they’re bundled with Emotions. His favorite Genre is Vocal Trance and he considers his mixes IDEAL for people out of Love. He distributes Music to the World as Promotional Mixes – to him, that’s plain good Karma, and if just 50% of his Target audience loves his mixes, he walks away happy. “That’s like at least 100 people who felt good for an hour!”, he says. Anuj ain’t stopping, for he knows neither Earth nor Time does. Its the feedback he gets from his fans that motivates him all the more.