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Antonio Fresco

Los Angeles, United States

Electro House, Progressive House

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Destiny is just a word for most, but for Antonio Fresco music is his destiny and a reality from the beginning. Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland life was great even though raised in a single parent household; life was prosperous for his family. At the age of 6yrs old Antonio’s uncle introduced him to the saxophone which would be his official introduction to music and other instruments that he previously was unfamiliar with.

Entering high school, Antonio learned about the heart of the band, the drum line. His grandmother noticed that he had an interest in the drums and helped him purchase his first set. He practiced day and night to perfect his craft so that he could try out for the high school band, and when the day arrived, he achieved what he had been working so fiercely on. Unbeknownst to Antonio, his father also was a drummer, some talents are just passed down whether you are aware of them or not. The hard work that Antonio put into his music continued to pay off with a band scholarship to Morgan University.

Like any normal college student, the semesters are full of new experiences. The club was definitely one of Antonio Fresco’s new experiences seeing that he had never been out before. Unlike normal college students it wasn’t the atmosphere of the people and fun that everyone was having, but instead the person who was creating all the fun and energy. This became my “true passion from the first sight”, say’s Fresco. In 2002, Antonio purchased his first set of turn tables, and went into practicing his new found craft as a deejay as he had once done before with the drums. After a few weeks of preparation, Antonio landed his first gig at a house party and 6 months later he was an opening DJ at the local clubs.

After two years of getting the experience that he needed as a deejay, the local radio station, 92Q, had a contest for an intern of the day for Jay Claxton. Fresco, as some of friends call him, stayed up all night completing his demo for the station. The station only kept a few of the prospective deejay interns, and Antonio was one to receive only positive feedback. After returning back to Morgan, Antonio held down the boards, DJing, and serving as a radio personality on the schools radio station, 88.9 WEAA.

In November of 2007, Fresco relocated to Dallas, Texas with tons of excitement, ready to make a name for himself. Under the name “M Squared” had now become one of the most dominate DJ’s in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, holding down a number of #1 rated shows on 97.9 The Beat.

In June of 2014, Antonio took his vast music knowledge and talents Los Angeles, California. He now applies his vast music knowledge, and focuses on producing his own dance music, with his eyes set on worldwide domination!