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Anton Neumark is a leading member of an emerging group of Russian DJs who rightly lay claim to pioneering electronic dance music in their home country since the early 90s. With an impressive musical pedigree behind him, this Saintt Petersburg – based DJ and producer is now ready to take his place on the international stage.

As a DJ Anton plays all over Russia, Ukraine and beyond, and is a Gallery resident when the club hosts nights in Moscow .

Despite a hectic schedule, he still finds time to run the Ataraxy booking agency and is responsible for bringing fresh and exciting international talent to Russian clubbers.

As a producer, his tracks have been played by a vast array of leading DJs including Sasha, Carl Cox, John Aquaviva, Tom Neville, King Roc, Barry Gilbey, Rui Da Silva, D.Ramirez, Eddie Amador and many, many more. Theres a huge buzz about his latest offering too a cover of the classic Need You Tonight for UK label Kinky Vinyl which should firmly announce Anton as one of the hottest talents around.

It all started with a trip to the US in 1991 where Anton traveled from New York to Los Angeles meeting local DJs and musicians along the way who introduced him to the industrial and hip hop scenes. He also spent time working in the studio used by industrial band Machines of Loving Grace among others. The experience left Anton a changed man and when he returned home he channeled his energy into creating a new approach to producing music mixing different styles together.

In 1996 his band Choogoon Skorohod exploded across Russia and shocked the club scene with their radical beats and provocative lyrics coupled with off-the-wall videos including spoof homemade masterpieces that even made it onto MTV. Choogoon Skorohod released seven albums and numerous singles building up a massive cult following across the country.

After three years of touring, Anton decided he needed a fresh challenge and stepped behind deck playing at many of the countries hottest clubs like The Tunnel, Mama and Decadence in St Petersburg and Estakada, Neo and Fabrique in Moscow as well as dates all over the country in dozens of cities and across nine different time zones. Anton has always been one step ahead of the burgeoning Russian dance scene and his productions have been released on major labels like Universal and leading Russian imprints like Soyuz and ZeKo.

More recently his sound has moved into electro-house territory with solo projects snapped up by labels like Whoop! Records and Definite Groove Records in the UK , Excess Music and Full Force Session in France and BugEyed Records in Canada and Cosmonote in Italy ..

As well as conquering new territories, Anton has started his own label back in Russia, Ataraxy Records, and is constantly in demand as a DJ across the country as well as playing regularly in Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Turkey, Egypt, Belorussia and Kazakhstan, while in 2004 he traveled to London to make his UK debut with Going Places at the world-famous Gallery night at Turnmills.

Antons dedication and talent had brought him to the attention of the promoters and soon he was announced as the first Gallery resident for Russia playing alongside Tall Paul and Tom Neville in Moscow as well touring Russia alongside Benny Benassi, Joel Xavier from Whoop! Records and Tania von Pear from The Gallery in London .

Anton has also expanded the Ataraxy operation to encompass a booking agency and works in close collaboration with well respected UK agency Sedition DJs to bring the UK s finest DJs over to entertain the growing Russian party faithful.

2006 has seen an increasingly busy schedule for Anton with the recent release of a new Choogoon Skorohod album on Uplifto Records. He has also produced a track with the UKs D.Ramirez, Satisfaction Generation, which is due out shortly on the later Slave Recordings label, while he has just signed a new two-single deal with Excess Music in France. He has also earned the respect of his peers with the likes of John Acquaviva , Barry Gilbey, Rui Da Silva, Eddie Amador, The Beginerz, Asle Bjorn and DJ T. regularly playing his tracks.

If thats not enough he spends every weekend jetting around Russia and beyond spinning his distinctive pumpin mix of electro-house and consistently rockin the joint wherever he plays and picking up new supporters along the way.

Anton Neumarks unique style and undisputed musical talent make him one of the hottest DJs in Russia as well quite possibly the countries number one dance music producer.


Russias dance scene has evolved dramatically over recent years and it became a Mecca for DJs. Now we have all the worlds top DJs playing every weekend in Moscow , St Petersburg and other cities, and Russia is definitely the place to be. Its now time to show the world what Russian dance music is really like. My mission is to carry our sound of Russias best parties and biggest festivals to clubbers all over the world. See you on the dancefloor!


Anton Neumark is a phenomenally talented DJ and producer who is set to be the first electro-house DJ from the hot new Russian scene to break through into the UK he 100% rocks! Tania von Pear (The Gallery / Ministry of Sound Radio)