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The last two years have been a whirlwind of success for up-and-coming Artist Anthony Attalla. During this timeframe not only has he shown personal growth in the studio as a producer and on stage as a performer, but he has also demonstrated his passion for the business side of the industry by creating a platform to catapult talent through Incorrect Music, his music production-company, and latest endeavor. 

As an artist, Anthony has charted over 30 Top 100 tracks on, the widely popular outlet for purchasing EDM (Electronic Dance Music). With labels such as Great Stuff, Trapez, Definitive, Tronic, Break New Soil, MBF, and Stereo Recordings seeking his productions, Attalla is a wanted man. In addition, the demand for his live performance has grown to an all-time high with continuous touring throughout the United States, as well as international bookings in Europe, Ibiza, Mexico, Asia, the Middle East and Canada.

Anthony has illustrated his advocacy of the EDM business world by launching, Incorrect Music. Now surpassing its two-year anniversary, Incorrect Music has experienced success at an alarming pace. The label’s achievements during its inaugural year include, having tracks played and charted by some of the industries’ biggest taste-makers, boasting over 50 Top 100 tracks on various Beatport Charts, and spreading its wings globally with artists from more than 20 different countries making up its impressive roster.

With Anthony’s multi-faceted approach to an increasingly demanding industry, he illustrates his ability to evolve and achieve as he continues to make his mark on the international dance scene.