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DJ Anthera discovered electronica music in late ?99/early ?00. He set foot into his first rave at the Masterdome in San Bernardino, California. This was where the birth of DJ Anthera into the rave scene took place. He found an unconditional love and devotion to trance music as he heard more and more of the uplifting melodies, and euphoric sensations that it gave him.

As time went by, he started to gain a collection of CD?s of all the tracks he could find that fit his style of hard trance, melodic trance, epic trance, euphoric trance, uplifting trance, and anthem trance. A couple of years later, as his collection grew more massively, the conception of DJ Anthera took place. Not really ever thinking about becoming a DJ, he one day stumbled upon a pair of Pioneer CDJ?s at a Sam Ash store and decided to throw a couple of his CD?s in and try to mix. Catching on quickly, he became hooked and couldn?t leave the tables. From then on, day after day for many months, he would visit this Sam Ash store, learning new tricks, getting deeper into his music, and realizing that this is what he wanted to do.

As 2006 rolled around, DJ Anthera decided that he wanted to take his passion to the next level and began helping to throw house parties where he performed his sets of older music from the ?99/?00 anthem era (hence the name “Anthera”), and gained a crowd of fans. Those house parties marked the first public performances of DJ Anthera. As 2007 came, he began to make more of a name for himself when he decided to start his own production/promotion company called Euphoric Electronic Entertainment, and his fan base grew even more.

Since then, DJ Anthera has still performed at many house parties, southern California rave parties, Jonathan Morning?s ?Sundaize? gatherings, and other private events, using CDJ?s to make his mixing magic happen.