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Artist & DJ, Michael, also known as AnR, is probably one of the best trance producers to come out of Australia to release quality tracks on a global scale. Lets start from the begining…

Michael was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. When Michael was a child, he always wanted to become a musician. He wanted to create and share his unique and passionate style of music with the world. Music is a part of Michael’s family, and he grew up listening to 70’s, 80’s, Country, Rock & Roll, Reggae and Dance music. Michael has loved dance music most of his life. It all started from listening to dance music on the radio. At the age of 21, Michael wanted to produce music, with friends teaching him the music program FL studio. He spent many hours learning the ins and outs of producing music. He discovered that writing and producing trance and dance tracks fulfilled his musical life. Michael works hard on every project, including original work and remixes. Michael’s biggest influence in his life is his family, and all aspects of life. Michael’s tracks have been played across the world from Europe to down under Australia. Michael’s tracks have also been recognized by artists Passiva, The Thrillseekers, Agnelli & Nelson, Solarstone, Funabashi, Steve Strangis, Starchaser, Christian Rusch, Adam K, Pedro Del Mar & DJ Shah, Tenishia, Signum, Ohmna, Andy Duguid & Duende. 2006 was the year where Michael had his tracks unleashed upon the world. Four of his tracks were officially signed & released on a Belgium digital label 4 -stroke , which were “Summer Dream”, “City lights”, “Blue water” & “Silent Tide”. U.S based label Solis Digital signed and released Michael’s track “Surrender” and it made its way to the labels top 10 best sellers chart. Over the months Michael’s tracks got bigger and bigger. From starting with his first release with the label, other labels found interest and wanted to sign on new tracks. Life just got busier for Michael, from radio gigs to interviews, in and out of the studio, even talks of having Michael doing gigs locally and outside of Australia. But at the end of the day, Michael successfully gained much respect from family, friends, labels and his fans all over the world, all the hard work has payed off.

In early 2007 Michael had his first cd release named “Only One” signed to a U.S based label Juiced Up records featuring song writer vocalist Mel O’Shea, a local girl from Melbourne, Australia. Michael was so keen to work with Mel with her strong powerful voice. The CD contained 10 smashing remixes. Within days of the release, it went to the top 50 best sellers charts on junodownload shop. “Only One” has had lots of great feedback by support from DJs around the world, but it doesent stop there… Dave Kirsner, director of Live Club Music ,one of Melbourne’s boutique booking agencies, found interest in Michael’s music and his DJing skills. After some talk, he was immediately added to the busy DJ roster. After the success of “Only One”, Michael was back into the studio producing.

Michael’s next track named “My Love”, was the next in line for a release on Sensational records (a sublabel to trance communication). “My Love” was released in early 2008, gaining support from one of trances biggest names DJ Shah. The track gained a position within the top 50 best sellers chart on junodownload shop for the second time. Michael’s new track is titled “Before You Leave”, a more progressive trance filler. This track was supported by sucessful trance producers SolarStone on their deep blue radio show. The track was named the unsigned track of the week on thier 100th edition show. Michael’s track “Before You Leave” is now signed to Starlight Music and is on the Emotional Heartbeats Compilation CD. The track has made its way onto most of the online stores top 100 charts including Beatport, Trackitdown & DJdownload to name a few. Sucessful German trance DJ’s Duende supported Michael’s tracks saying “AnR productions are always welcome in our radio show” the tracks were Before you leave and MST’s “Lights Of Summer” AnR remix.

Michael’s single “Before You Leave” has been also featured and reviewed on with four and a half stars out of five. The highly-rated production by AnR, according to the review, “tracks like his must and will be heard all across the globe”. Later the same year, the single was released with new remixes by David Jones, Dankann and more. The Dankann remix was mentioned along in the review and was referred to the whole release as ‘great’. The release of “Before You Leave” managed to reach positions five and eleven in the Top 100 Trance chart of Beatport. The popular and strongly talented British producer Andy Duguid asks Michael to provide a guest mix for his twenty-fourth edition of his radio show “Afterdark Sessions”. Meanwhile, Michael is preparing his first solo album, which will include not only trance productions, but also several tracks from different music styles such as progressive, pop, ambient and more. It’s planned the record to include fifteen tracks and aiming with hope for a release in the United States, Europe & Australia, where a few tracks are planned to be released off as singles.

The story of Michael continues to be written and he keeps chasing his dreams. Trying to achieve his goals, he is becoming more promising and talented producer. On his way up, we all expect creative and successful project that will top the charts one day and make AnR as a worldwide known producer. The more amazing productions we hear, we risen our expectations and his fans are not going to be disappointed with what’s to come by AnR.

To be continued…