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He started playing in 1995, changing throughout this time his musical style. Passing through , Goa trance one year, acid techno four years, psytrance another four years and for the last year he has been kindled by hard, funky tekno.

He is a very experimental DJ who feels great need of change in his music, choosing from a great variety of styles.In a nearby future he would like to try further more with elektro.

Dario Scattone or known as ?Anphibian? , born in Potenza, Italy 1974.

As a first experience as a DJ , Dario started playing at openings of raves , such as Check-Point in Dolston St, and other various squat parties, from 1996 to 2000, with Iori and company whom he thanks greatly.

After this period he returns to Italy , playing mostly trance with local groups ( in Rome) such as PHYCHEDELIKSHIP as a resident for ? BARCONE? Amico del Tevere, with also Matonga , Emotinal Events ? SHAKTY? (original name: ex conpaglie delle Indie), EXMAGAZINI, and BOCCIODROMO amongst others (always thanking them all ).

During one month and a half he traveled to Germany with other friends also DJ G_URU with a food stand ?the Food of the Spirit? in various trance parties throughout the country, playing with their own music systems at the closings.

He returned to England in 2005 and has `played in various clubs with M:F:M SOUND , The Mass, The rocket, SE1 London Bridge.

He will keep on expanding new aspects of new music, always with the ambition for others and of course himself to enjoy.