Anodyne Beatport


Originally from Toronto, Canada Anodyne started his DJ career at underground record shop The Pit Records, where he worked for over a year. It was during this time that he had the opportunity to fine tune and perfect his style of music and mixing, playing hard percussive acid techno. He’s played throughout Canada and the U.S. opening for artists like Chris Liberator, Jon the Dentist, Billy Nasty and Brian Zentz. He’s also headlined many other events.

Anodyne’ seamless flow of hard pulsating beats is enough to drive any crowd mad!

Anodyne has also been producing music and recently teamed up with Guy McAffer in London to record some serious acid techno! Their first release appeared on RAW, Guy’ own label, and got great reviews including being charted at number 3 in Carl Cox’ top ten. Mark Tyler writes, “…grinding loops reverberate amongst toppy synth stabs and driving bass and lay down the musical foundations of any good techno night…” Their second release together was picked up by Rowland the Bastard and has now been release on Bionic Orange. Tune Inn Records writes, “Absolute brilliance!… This is proper acid techno!”