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AnnGree is a Drum&Bass DJ/Producer, notorious for playing mostly Neurofunk, Neurotech and Techstep. On top of flawless mixing, she is also completely capable of versatility within her sets!

Originally hailing from Moscow, Russia – though currently residing in New York City, US – she started spinning in 2007, and has since played along-side well known DJ’s such as Bad Company UK, Dom&Roland, The Sect, Tech Itch, Prolix, Serial Killaz, Dose, Raiden, Vicious Circle, EBK, Fierce, Trace, DJ SS, Kenny Ken, Dylan, Audio, Robyn Chaos, The Prototypes, Aries, Cooh.

Between 2009-2011 was a resident DJ on Jungletrain and Darkwax radios. Since 2011 resident of Tech:nology and Pirate Sessions.

AnnGree is currently signed on Mindtech Recordings (Belgium), Formation Records (UK), Schedule One Recordings (US), Physmatics Music (UK), Sliced Note Recordings (UK), Suspect Device (IT), Dangerous New Age Recordings (UK), Live And Dangerous (UK), also with releases on Mindstorm Records (US) and Respect Records (Russia).

In 2012 made #23on the TOP-100 DnB DJs in the world, according to Promodj, one major source out of Asia/Europe.

In 2014, #10 on the TOP-100 Neurofunk DJs in the world, according to Promodj.

Since 2015, AnnGree is back on Jungletrain Radio. She’s currently hosting a bi-weekly show ‘Vertigo’ on Thursdays at 8pm EST.

In 2016, she started hosting a brand new biweekly radio show on Listen to Distorted Frequencies every other Monday from 7.30pm till 9pm EST.

Хедлайнер с мировым именем, AnnGree – одна из немногих девушек, которой удалось добиться значительных успехов в направлении Drum&Bass.

AnnGree начала свою карьеру DJ в начале 2007 года, отдавая предпочтение таким стилям как Neurofunk и Techstep.

AnnGree заработала внушительную репутацию за свои сеты, успев отыграть на многочисленных площадках Европы, США, России и даже Южной Африки.

Входит в ТОП-100 Neurofunk/Drum&Bass DJ и музыкантов по версии портала Promodj; резидент Jungletrain Radio.

Выступала практически со всеми звездами DnB сцены, включая Bad Company, Matrix&Futurebound, Dom&Roland, The Sect, Raiden, Prolix, Tech Itch, Dose, Break, Jubei, Vicious Circle, The Prototypes, DJ SS и многими другими.

В 2011 году выходит ее первая совместная работа с Flame – “Sorry”. Виниловый релиз выходит на Питерском лейбле Respect Records. C 2012 года активно занимается написанием собственных треков. В настоящий момент подписана на Schedule One Recordings, Suspect Device и Physmatics Music Rec. Также имеет релизы на Dangerous New Age, Sliced Note Records, Rouge Beatz и Mindstorm Rec.