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AKA: Anna Albert

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Fresh off tour with DJ Quik, Annalyze has established herself as one of the leading ladies in Breakbeat, turntablism & hip-hop. She has played all over the US and Canada, alongside DJs such as Qbert, Baby Anne, the X-ecutioners, Dopey and DJ Rap, to name a few. Annalyze has also toured with DJs such as Breakbeat sciences own Reid speed & Playboys 50th anniversary DJ Shortee.

Her stellar turntablism and mixing style have earned her national sponsorships. In June of 2006 she toured as DJ Quiks tour dj and even had a performance on the Jimmy Kimmel show along sides “Cypress Hills” own B-real & “Blink 182’s” Travis Barker. Regularly rocking the club and party scene, crowds are not only mesmerized by Annalyzes DMC scratching and turntable trickery, but by her energetic stage presence which creates a vibe that keeps the dancefloor moving all night long. The crowd-pleaser that she is, Annalyze can often be found stepping away from the turntables and joining the crowd in a dance! But in order to truly understand Annalyze, lets take it back to the beginning, to her first residency in Rochester, New York at the legendary club Vibes.

At Vibes, where she played mostly Breakbeats and House, her passion of music fueled her to explore different possibilities and to take DJing to the next level. And coincidentally in the fall of 2001, she became inspired by local scratch/turntablist DJs and realized that scratching was what she really wanted to learn. Two years later at the winter NAMM show 2003 she was able to showcase her skills.. Returning at winter NAMM 2004 show, Annalyze played alongside fellow scratch mistress DJ Shortee (one half of the Atlanta-based duo Faust & Shortee.) Together, Annalyze and Shortee form the first female scratch duo called Twice as Nice. Both ladies are featured in two female DJ documentaries entitled Girl" and Vinyl is a Girl’s Best Friend.

Annalyze is also featured in DJ Shortees new instructional DJ DVD entitled DJ shortees 202 . It doesnt end there. Annalyze has also recently stepped into the studio where shes been working on original material with the goal of releasing her first track by the january of 2006. Shes also been collaborating with other Breakbeat producers and has been sampling her scratches for use in their material. Annalyze was featured on Dj fixx’s own “bottom end recordings” ..20 & ..31 . She is also doing cuts for other bottom end recordings & afterdarks own Jbreak!! Annalyze is also workin on a few hip hop collaborations with Eyeconz entertainment. Through Eyeconz she has been playing more hip hop and party rocking style. And to think – her journey has just begun!