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Anil Aras


Cr2 Records, Hot Haus Recs, Off
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Anil has always been a true music-addict. At the age of four he started his musical journey by playing the violin. His curiosity to discover new sounds then led him to playing the piano as well as learning the basics of drums from a good friend.

Listening to a broad variety of music Anil discovered his special love for electronic music. Back in the old days he was already listening to hardcore, which was a rage in the Netherlands at that time. Some years later he fell in love again with electronic music, but this time it was much more intense. In particular the new techno sounds in the year 2000 gave him inspiration to combine his own unique style with this kind of music. This passion has led to a continuous collection of records and a desire to never stop with this true love.

He currently stills loves the sound of the older techno. However, in the last couple of years he has also started to collect house records. Anil feels these are like the older techno: “the tracks may be different, but for me it has the same old, deep and raw feelings. That’s why I really like both styles. And in my opinion one thing is for sure; old love never dies…’’.