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Rotterdam, Netherlands

Hardcore / Hard Techno, Psy-Trance

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Danny Masseling started making music at the age of 16. Beginning with 4-beat programmed loops and breakbeats etc, his interest in producing music started to grow. It almost became an The year is 1997. Danny Masseling is at the age of 16, and his first experience with music production has entered his system. Danny worked on his beats day and night. And how cliché it might sound, this actually became a way of life. After sending a demo out to BZRK Records, Mark Vos (aka Buzz Fuzz, owner of this notorious record label) contacted him to do some serious buzzinezz. After a while of mastering and editing, BZRK033 was born. Under the alias Menace II Society, the Son Of A Bitch EP entered the market. Almost at the same time, the first Angerfist EP was released on Overload Records. However the track Chronic Disorder, made Menace II Society a well known name, Angerfist would grow out to be one of the biggest names in the scene. Traxx as Criminally Insane and Fuck Off were immediately recognized as relatively big hits. Danny had set foot in the scene. After releasing an EP under the third alias Kid Morbid, he chose Angerfist to be his main project.

Still heavily sedated by this sudden rush of records and enthusiastic hardcore people, the traxx kept coming. In 2003, the Sons Of Satan EP was released on Masters of Hardcore Records. The idea for an Angerfist act, to bring the vibe to the parties would soon appear. Bringing the wicked beats, wearing hockey-masks and hooded sweaters, was an instant success. Every place they visited, the crowd went wild and dancefloors filled up. A year of insane parties and performances went by, as Danny worked on a record that would turn out to become his biggest hit. In 2004, the time had come to release the Raise Your Fist EP.

In 2006, Angerfist was one of the leading acts of the scene, with a massive number of fans. Not only did the beats poison their home country, it has also spread beyond the boarders. They visited countries as Switzerland, Scotland, USA, Russia, Australia, Germany, Finland, Spain, Italy and many more.

In 2006 there was still one thing missing; an album. After 5 years of Angerfist the Pissin Razorbladez double CD + DVD album was released. Fresh rugged hardcore beats and the hits of the past! The first time it was available for the people, was at the sold out release party at the Hemkade in Zaandam. In 2007 – going strong as ever – more releases followed and Angerfist had the honor to close the world’s leading harddance event Sensation Black. 2 years after the first album, in March 2008, their first solo concert was planned; Angerfist the Mutilate Concert! Named after the néw album which was also released that same month. Once again, the concert was incredible and the new double album was a massive success.

Now, with 2010 in sight, Angerfist is still producing and playing at the highest level of hardcore. The dj sets and live acts still rock every club and festival they visit, and they will keep on going till the planet bursts into flames.