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Angelo C.

Dublin, Ireland


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Angelo Currao aka Angelo C started his adventure as a dj back in 1996. He was very young when he discovered his strong passion for electronic music. He started learning in his hometown in Sicily how to spin vinyls with Dario and Francesco Giordano both very well known djs in the area. Angelo C then moved to Dublin where in 2010 met Massi Scoppa who proposed him to play for After Power. Since then he hasn’t stopped playing for various clubs, after parties and groups as Apocalypse now, Room Nightout and Division. He has played alongside with Angy Kore, Tony Dee, Nhar, Marcin Czubala, Juan Zolbaran, Will Kinsella, Javinz, Fer Zefer and many more. In 2013 he played for the first time at Life Festival in Ireland. He has now started a new adventure with music production and got a residency in Pymalion (Dublin) with Equinox/Ceoltronic/Division with Will Kinsella