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Angel Stoxx

Athens, Greece

House, Tech House, Techno

303LOVERS, 4Kenzo Limited, 66944666
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Passionate DJ, bipolar music personality, who’s scared of speed and feels dizzy in high heights, Vangelis Kostoxenakis is a dedicated music producer hailing from south side of Athens/Greece.

His passion for music led him study music technology and sound engineering and till this day admits he’s still learning and polishing his craft.

In his early days as a DJ he found himself headlining the hottest venues in Athens, co started two labels Neon Music then Mokilok records while making a name globally under his Phatjak moniker so we can find him later travelling around the world, spreading his sound at big festivals and small sweaty rooms.

In almost two decades of career in DJing and music production he developed a rich musical background through various styles and several successful monikers from Phatjak and Angel Stoxx to Breaking Toys and of course his latest trademark signature under his original name realising unconventional sounds on top labels such as Kling Klong, Lapsus, KD Music, Material, Toolroom, CR2 which can be found regularly in charts.

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