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Djane Melburn

Djane Melburn Beatport


I have been working for 19 years on partys behind the bar….love the contact with the people and of course when I am private on the partys I spend most of the time on the dancefloor. love to feel the music!!! For me it is a kind of meditation….

Started to dj march 2006 and I love it…now it is the time where I can feel 2gehter with the crowd and the music…and I try to create this special moments (which I love soooo much when I am on the dancefloor) My style is in between melodic Fullon and psy Proggressive, it depense what time I play and what the people need on the dancefloor! In the last years I had so many special moments…justs to write a few Psy Circus, Indian Spirit,Liquid Time, Antaris, Gideon and off course the VuuV when I played @ the mainfloor, I will never forget this!Also my gigs in Europe like Netherland, Swiss, Hungary, Spain and Denmark where very special!

.. Usually I play alone but started a few month ago in 2 DJ Teams, with my lovely sista Djane Miss Nic as Loops & Tings and with my good friend Sid Gautama as Gautama+Melburn with both I play pumping melo Fullon. Since Feb 09 I also started to play as a Label DJ for Iono Music which is a real pleasure!

..Compailed the Goa Girl 7 with Djane Lavinia togehter, released on MIllenium Records…thanks to Bim for the trust in us!