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Andy Woods

London, United Kingdom

Progressive House, Techno

Dance Lab Recordings
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  • Chameleons Official Aftershow

    Night People

    Line-up: ANDY WOODS
    Sat 18th December 11 PM
  • Chameleons Official After Show Party

    Club Academy

    Line-up: ANDY WOODS
    Sat 17th December 11 PM
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Im a passionate Dj, Producer, clubland enthusiast & DJ tutor based in London, UK.

My parents were vinyl collectors and boasted a large collection of northern soul records, so being around record players helped to start an infatuation with playing records.

So far my journey within DJing has given me rewarding opportunity’s and led to DJ sets in some of the best Clubs/Festival arenas.

I always dreamed of playing at Amnesia, Ibiza since I first stepped in the club during my first ‘no parents’ holiday back in 1998. In 2009 I achieved that dream and have gone on to play multiple seasons at the club, along with a host of other world famous clubs / venues.

I ‘m meticulous about my dj sets, I programme and take care in how I express my sound, while trying ensure that the dance floors/listeners I’m playing to, feel a love, passion & groove that comes straight from what I believe to be great music. I never play a sound without purpose.

Music is a feeling and an expression, and, expressing myself through music is something I find vastly rewarding. I feel free and at home in the DJ booth while best of all I have made some fantastic friends along the way who share a similar love for the same things.

I have a huge passion for DJing and the music industry as a whole, but especially for teaching and passing on my skills, experiences and knowledge, as I was lucky enough to have passed to me by a few great people.

I worked hard and followed a hidden dream to teach, which now has led to me being back with tutors at Ministry Of Sounds DJ Academy as part of their team both in London and running a large part of their Cairo operations in Egypt.