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Andy White … a genius in the German-Electrical Music Scene! A very sympathetic and quiet in personality..

However, proud Andy is full of „crazy“ideas. His thoughts are abundant and flowing.

He became aware at a very young age of these ideas. His life must be mirrowed in his music!

His ideas and thoughts become beats and these beats turn into large electronic compositions!

It´s very important for Andy to be innovative. He loves to produce things that noone else could calculate.

He always strives to find new things and to make his users smile.

Andy White a real German original. With his top releases on SWR, Impact Mechanis,

Kombination Research and on his own label, Audiosignal, he´s on the Playlist of those

who have been established artists and the up and coming artists. Meanwhile, he plays a serious role in the Techno scene. Through his continuous work, he has zoomed to the front of the list of Scene Magazine for Electronic Music.

This top rating was certainly a futher reason that gave Andy the chance to prove himself through the local Main Events: the legandary Maday, Nature One, Electricity or Ruhr in Love festival. He masters the challenge phenomenally and people remember to this days his unforgetable mixes.

He has achieved a place on the „play lists“ with his first release „ Badly Damage from the label of

Sven Wittekind, SWR. The Public should immediately be aware of this very special „ Andy White Sound“.

Shortly after that first release , other releases followed. For example, Impact Mechanics, Kombination Research Torsten Kanzler Records, and Audiosignal ! After further releases on popular Labels, he established his own Label Audiosignal. He works together with international Artists and will keep on producing the finest of Techno . Do keep your eyes open for his future Releases and Projects.

Techno is alive and better than ever. Andy is the best example young and wild with releases that you would think come from Techno veterans.

His Sound is becoming more and more popular and alongside his name too. Welcome to the world of Andy White.