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Already during the late 80’s Andy Prinz, who was chiefly moved by electronic music, began to experiment and create self-inspired sounds with his first synthesizer. He consequently produced EBM and techno tracks with the aid of a sequencer running on an old 2-86 PC. In 1991, Andy and two of his best buddies founded the synthpop-combo named DELAY. They absolved their first live gig as supporting act for the YOUNG GODS in January 1992. Only two years after, the three friends had already gained a recording contract with the German label Off Beat (a division of Westcom / Euromedia); this recording deal resulted in the production of 2 maxi CDs and 4 CD albums. The epitome of the band’s life came in 1996 when DELAY initiated its tour of Germany , which involved stopovers at numerous cities including Berlin , Stuttgart , Munich , Cologne , Bochum and Bremen . Furthermore, DELAY was also represented on numerous compilations (with other bands like “Frontline Assembly”, “Apoptygma Berzerk” and “Delerium”). The band’s productions were diverse and ranged from Darkwave to Tekkno styles. In 1997, Andy Prinz decided to end his band project to begin his own and first, mainly dance music oriented tracks. Together with Rene Zollinger, Andy soon laid out the foundations to a fruitful partnership in music production that became known as the AND-E & MAC LANE duo in Switzerland . Already their first release “How I feel” became an instant underground hit in Switzerland’s prominent “Sensor” and “Nachtwerk” clubs. Artists like DJ Pure, Noise and Dream continuously played “How I feel” to the extent that the track made it on the “Live @ Goliath” compilation. In the following two years many more maxi releases appeared under the duo’s project name. Since the release of their third single “Swallow it down’”, AND-E & MAC LANE were exclusively represented by Germany ’s UCMG (Under Cover Music Group). Their production “Swallow It Down” even made it on Junior Vasquez’s (New York’s most loved DJ and master remixologist for artists like Cher and Madonna) club compilation “Twilo – Vol. 1” (Virgin, EMI). For the remix of “Swallow it down”, Andy and René worked together with Dave 202 – he’s one of the most famous dj’s in Switzerland and has gained a lot of attention as the co-producer of Phil Green.

The AND-E & MAC LANE name had, for many Swiss and German partygoers, become synonymous with innovative productions, remixes and successful live acts since this was what the Two Friends were best at. Furthermore, Andy Prinz had been involved in various other national and international productions and cooperations – like in DJ NOISE’s “Lethal injection” track, COSMODRME’s “Gateway to E” project and PHIL GREEN vs. PRINZ’ track “The First Flight”. In the year 2001, Andy Prinz decided to enter his professional music career with the release of “Into the ocean” on DJ Tatana’s “Sirup Records” label. This step forward resulted in the production of many new tracks and remixes for various artists or projects. Besides that, Andy recognized the huge potential of Angelo Bott, better known as SOLID SLIDE. Angelo’s the guy who made loads of remixes for Andy so far and recently got signed by Bonzai Records Belgium.

A milestone in Andy’s work was the production of “Words” – the best selling DJ TATANA single – originally composed by Andy Prinz and DJ Jaro; this track reached the official Swiss Charts on position 5 and got Gold status for more than 20,000 copies sold. “Words” is the most successful trance single ever in Switzerland and the most played video on VIVA-Swizz. The TATANA album “Superpop” which contains 5 Andy Prinz productions was released in March 2002 and reached Platinum status in Switzerland a few months later. It hit the charts at position 2 in the first week. Some of these tracks are available on a limited vinyl edition as well.

Various productions and remixes (e.g. DJ TAUCHER “Atlantis”, THE MYSTERY “Devotion”) followed and the second ANDY PRINZ single “Chaos in motion” was released in Summer 2002. This tune even hit the DDC (German Dance Charts) and was featured on various compilations such as “Kontor – top of the clubs”, “Club Rotation – best of Trance special” and many more…

During that summer Andy Prinz focused on his next big project which came to life two months later: the album release “Wondermilk” for DJ JARO (Epic / Sony Music). This CD contains 7 Andy Prinz productions! Additionally to the album, the single “Turn the night” was finished; 4 of 6 mixes came out of the Cosmodrome studio! Shortly after the video launch, “Turn the night” also entered the Swiss top 100. During this very productive period, Andy Prinz spun some records in various clubs and had the chance to play a set at the famous NATURE ONE outdoor festival in Germany. After having had a little creative break, Andy focused more on his own and new projects such as AYION (members are Andy Prinz, Angelo Bott and Josef Sterba) and ASTURA. The solo-side project ASTURA represents more the experimental trance productions by Andy.

The year 2003 had a brilliant start then: Andy co-produced the radio edit for national artist DJ SPOKE (“Infinity”); besides that he produced some new tracks and remixes for his own projects such as AYION (“Thru the night”) and ASTURA (“Emotions”). “Thru the night” was signed by Misja Helsloot’s label First Second Records and appeared on various play lists (e.g. Armin Van Buuren’s “A state of Trance” on ID-T radio)! In April 2003 the promos of ASTURA’s “Orion’s belt” hit the play lists of big DJs like Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Judge Jules, Johan Gielen, Ferry Corsten and others and was voted as “Future favourite” on A State of Trance (AvB’s radio show). Darren Tate used the tune for two of his international compilations and signed it for his own label MONDO Records for the UK-territory. The CERN remix of “Orion’s belt” was released in April 2004 on Mondo.

Besides that, Andy produced tracks such as DJ GREENHEAD’s new single “Crystal” (Drizzly Records, chart entry in the DDC and ODC charts!!!) and two TIMEOK singles (“Sparkling temptation” and “Seven floating ways” – AvB playlist) – both on Tony Burt’s Above the Sky record label. A big step further was Andy’s ASTURA remix of the Playground-Classic “Future fun land” by PERPETUOUS DREAMER (aka Armin van Buuren). It was released in February 2004 and became an instant smasher all over Europe. It was also featured on Armin’s latest CD-compilation which got a worldwide and big release.

Andy just finished his ASTURA follow-up “Cassiopeia” and started working on several new projects, including his own ANDY PRINZ album. Together with Angelo (Solid Slide), Andy founded his own trance label OFFSHORE MUSIC in February 2004. Watch out for more news!!!