When it comes to rocking a dance floor Andy Inertia is one of the best. His fans have been drawn to him because of his explosive anthems and his timely cued musical bombs. He feels the floor and treats it like a “living animal” and he reacts to the crowd for a perfect electronic experience. Inertia has devoted his life to music every since he was a little boy. He has played various instruments including the piano, guitar, bass, saxophone, and drums. This combination of talent and musical training have given him the ability to fully master electronic music. As soon he went to his first show Andy was eager to spin his own sound and was drawn to electronic music and it all began from there…

His Beginning

Andy Inertia was considered as the new kid on the block in his home town of Edmonton, AB Canada. Andy blasted onto the scene in 2005, alongside his partner Johnny Dangerous taking the Hard House and the Hard Trance scene by storm.

He had the drive, energy and enthusiasm that the scene was waiting for. Andy is dedicated to his music and is called by some a guru when comes to knowing all genres of electronica. He rocks the dance floors with a style of his own and sound that people never forget. Andy alongside Johnny Dangerous together they were considered to be one of the most explosive and exciting duos to watch and they soon became fan favorites. In 2005 he alone was given the opportunity to play alongside DJ’s such as the Tidy Boys, Lee Haslam, Guyver, L.A.s Jim Carson, Alberta’s Hard Dance champions Mike Downey, and Little Satan. Andy also has played with some of Edmonton’s top DJ’s including Luke Morrison, David Stone, Neal K, Nestor Delano, Big Daddy, Jeff Hillis, Crunchee, and many others. Just in his first year on the scene he made leaps and bounds, 2005 gave him a solid foundation to excel as he grew as a DJ and a performer.

In 2006-07 Andy Inertia changed his genre and released his “Bangin’ Electro Sound” which packed floors he played. He was a resident at various clubs throughout Edmonton such as Stolli’s Nightclub, Twilight Afterhours and The Y Afterhours. He headlined and rocked the floors at such parties as Eclipse and The Summer Kick Off in the 07 summer.

Current Projects

Andy Inertia has moved to Victoria, B.C. so look for him at venues along the West Coast and Vancouver. Where ever he goes he brings his outstanding energy, his bangin’ house bombs and his infectious personality.

In 2009 Andy Inertia has began producing music and playing selected shows in his area. Andy has a residency with UK’s Fnoob Radio(FNOOB)to spread his sound and energy with the world. He will be playing Saturday nights at 10pm to 11pm GMT/2pm PST. He will be spinning Progressive and Electro House to get your fist pumping, jaw dropping, feet moving and in a great mood for your day. Stayed tuned Canada for his Canadian shows as well coming soon. Andy is currently working on his Western Canada Tour.