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Andy Hughes

Orlando, United States

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From sending US astronauts into outer space to sending his fans into outer orbit, Andy Hughes is a man on a mission. Since leaving his post as a highly awarded and promoted electrical engineer for the Kennedy Space Center (yep – that one!), Andy fast became known as a consistent DJ who would throw down a thumping yet varied set suited to the moment and to the crowd’ needs.

Andy’ signature sets of Progressive House filled with energetic and funky twists has earned devotees across America and beyond – from both coasts to the UK – where he has received accolades from the press, promoters and punters alike.

Surrounding himself with music for most of his 34 years, Andy’ launching pad was treating the neighborhood kids to the latest in pop music both at home and at school before he was 10 years old. Coming from a musical background coupled with his eagerness to spread the musical word, Andy easily slid into becoming the junior high’ DJ at only thirteen.

Moving on to college in 84, Andy made spare cash by becoming a mobile jock. When not playing the “Hokey Pokey” he delved into the world of New Wave and was asked to join the University’ radio station WFIT as an on-air DJ. Always wanting to be on the radio, Andy found his niche and went on to become the station’ Program Director and moved into the prestigious Saturday afternoon slot.

By 1985 the station sponsored various dances and Andy was chosen to be the main DJ, which garnered him enough of a following to start spinning at the Toucan Lounge every Tuesday and Saturday – stuffing over 700 fans into a space capable of holding just 250. Finally he was spinning the music that he loved to a diverse crowd, and getting paid! Remaining at this first residency for over 2 years, Andy then joined Brassy’ Take II, a multi-million club in Cocoa Beach, and started the first house music night on Fridays, lasting until 92 when the club was sold & demolished.

The progression to making his own music was made and in 95 Andy wrote and produced his first track “Yummy” alongside friends DJ Sandy & Chris Hand. In Jan 96 the track was picked up by Knight Life Records and then licensed on to Big Time International (Belgium) and re-released with new mixes on Skyway UK. Then a producers dream came true for Andy – it was bootlegged. Yeah!

Andy now owns his own studio and has taken the old adage “if you want it done right, do it yourself” to heart by starting up his own label, MAFDDAP (Mothers Against Fat Drunk DJs and Producers). Shooting for the stars over the last 3 years that MAFDDAP has been going, Andy has received compliment after compliment from record buyers, other DJs and press for both his A&R capabilities as well as his own proficiency in the studio. Every track made and released has been licensed to artist compilations.

In 97 Andy released a retrospective CD on Mafddap Recordings which was quickly followed another compilation for Plastik Records called “Audiophile”. This year sees the release of Andy’ new compilation, “Altered States” for the start up label, Bliss Productions also out of Florida.

Looking at Andy Hughes’ past one can only see the reflection of what is to come. Ground control, I believe we have a successful lift-off………!!!