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Andy Hawk

Frankfurt, Germany


Axwax Records, Red Silver Recordings
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Andrew Hawking (aka Andy Hawk) was born on the 16th July 1981 in the sleepy town of Gelnhausen, Germany.

He discovered his love of music as a child and was already having keyboard lessons at 12 years old. Because of this schooling he already had lots of live experience at a very tender age.

At 17, he had his first contact with turntables and started the insatiable habit of building his extensive vinyl collection. When he was 18 he started his apprenticeship as a Computer information specialist and completed this training successfully at 21. In this apprentice period there was a chance meeting with Juergen Frosch (Jay Frog, a Producer and DJ – well known as “Trance-Action” and a former part of “Scooter”) They became great friends and through this friendship Andy was introduced to many important people in the music scene.

Jay Frog also worked for Discomania, one of the largest Vinyl distributors in Germany and because of this contact, Andy was able to agree terms quickly with the Management of Discomania and started working as their IT expert.

Working at Discomania, Andy was also able to create a relationship with Faris Al-Hassoni the co-owner of Drizzly Records, one of the leading european independant dance labels (Illuminate, Logport, Planet-Traxx, AxWax, Asgard, Electric-Sauna, … are some of the sublabels founded by Drizzly) Faris was impressed with Andys musical talent. Meanwhile Andy is a fixed part of the “Drizzly Family” and also work as their “Headline-DJ”.

Wherever he goes he sets a good vibe with his easy going nature. Behind the decks he generates a great atmosphere whether it is in a small location or at a big festival – a party feeling is guaranteed. “United” is the most important thing to Andy – celebrating together, letting the emotional feelings grow without any boundaries – sharing the love to the music. His slogan: “Be part of it!”

We’ve heard a lot about “Andy Hawk” – and one thing is for sure:

It won’t stop !