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Andy Finn

Ulm, Germany


2 Side Records, Paranoja Records
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Aged just 23, Andy Finn is part of the next generation of trance artists with a huge experienced studio background and behind the decks.

At the age of 12, he discovered his binding to electronic music during a little exploring trip through the nature. Like usual for young boys he wandered through the unexplored world in his neighbourhood looking for beautiful hidden places to daydream where he could sweep through his mind. It was an usual Saturday evening when he sneaked away from his sleeping babysitting grandmother “naughty naughty boy” to go to another exciting trip. But this time it should be much more different than he have ever imagined.

He wandered along a little lakeside when he stopped and noticed a strange noise from the other bank which pulled his attention. In the same moment he turned his head and saw a huge bright blinding flesh followed by stunning screams and crazy rhythms. “A lakeside underground trance party in perfection” and “a little explorer stunned an unable to move for hours” two different things coming together and creating a dream and a vision.

Joining up in the year 2008 with studio guru Nick Sunchild he jumped up on the wave of high end producing knowledge. With this connection and many hard and funny studio nights later it was time for the journey to begin.