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Andy Duguid’s career took off in September 2006 when his production “Hypocrisy” was picked up by the mighty Tiesto. The support of the grand elite of DJ’s followed soon after that when Hypocrisy gained heavy support during sets of Paul Van Dyk and Armin van Burren, after being added to Tiesto’s playlist for many consecutive weeks. Being signed to Black Hole after the bidding war that followed, Hypocrisy landed on the 5th spot of the Dutch Dance Charts and simultaneously landed the career of Andy Duguid, instantly establishing a name for him in the almost impregnable forest of producers in the scene as we know it today.

The official follow up “Don’t Belong” virtually followed the same path, hailed by the industry as one of the biggest tracks of 2007. Don’t Belong initially got signed to one of the biggest compilation series globally, Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise and it didn’t take long before Black Hole picked up the single for official release. As a result of his high quality production work, Andy Duguid soon became a frequently asked remixer for numerous prolific artists. He remixed for the likes of Tiesto, Johan Gielen, Phynn and Mr. Sam to name a few, which were released on the biggest labels globally such as Maelstrom, Sola Records, Songbird and his current home base, Black Hole Recordings. Next to his Andy Duguid moniker, Andy produces under various successful alter egos such as Reeves, Corsie and Emilio Fernandez, a new and already blossoming collaboration with Iwan de Kuijper.

Andy Duguid’s debut album “Believe” sees eleven tracks of the highest quality, on which he collaborates with acclaimed producers and vocalists such as Mr. Sam, Julie Thompson, Leah, Alanah, Donna & Anthony, Esmaye, Solarstone and Dutch singer/songwriter I-Fan, who already presented his amazing vocal skills on Funkerman’s global hit release “Speed Up”. Every individual track on “Believe” showcases the versatility of Andy Duguid musical vision, divided over a 68 minute continuous soundtrack of subtle progressive, seductive trance, fierce electro and pounding house. “Believe” strongly underlines the big talent Andy Duguid is, definitely making him one of the most promising exponents of future music. To quote Andy Duguid: “To live a dream is a dream come true, for those who don’t dream don’t live”. And Andy is living his dream to the fullest.

If his fast paced organic development wasn’t enough, Tiesto has now also named Andy Duguid as his “producer of 2008” in the DJ Mag, a superb accolade for this young rising star.

Andy has just finished producing Julie Thompson’s debut artist album for Black Hole, which includes the collaboration with Tiesto, along with numerous exciting projects for games companies, including his remix of Alone in the Dark “Inferno” for Atari Games and recent remixes for Global Underground, Positiva, Anjuna, Vandit, Enhanced, Armada, Motion and Black Hole.

Alongside his productions, his DJing is taking him to every corner of the world; from his supporting role beside Tiesto during the In Search of Sunrise Tour and then onwards to the Ukraine, Miami, Amsterdam, Czech Republic, Slovakia, UK, Korea and Indonesia and dates in South America for Dance 4 Life.

His album “Believe” is out now Black Hole Recordings. The single “My Number” will hit the streets in late September, backed with an amazing music video and remix package. After Dark Sessions, his weekly show is going from strength to strength and is now syndicated to 5 stations, with a listenership of over 25,000 people globally.