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Famous DJ Andy Day, his unique & provocative sets are known worldwide. His mixes gel with the public to create a synergy between him & the dance floor. Andy Day isn’t just a DJ, he’s a true master of ceremony with an uncanny knowledge of music & rhythm.

Many people probably might only know Andy Day from his DJ gigs and productions. Andy Day are signed to China’s biggest labels including Conco Digital, Conco of Sounds and so on.

As a DJ he plays around the globe: Shanghai and from Wenzhou China openings at the worlds biggest club Privilege just to name a few places he has already been booked to. As a producer he releases his singles in more than 60 countries world-wide including sales (e.g. in the China) labels such as Conco Digital,Conco of Sounds,just to name a few. He’s also responsible for numerous compilation projects including selling albums on Beatport and iTunes of Juno Download and so on!

His DJ sets can be described as a journey through electronic music. Even though he is specialized into the trance scene, his sets might also be influenced by Balearic, House, Techno and Progressive music.