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Andy D'arrigo

Andy D'arrigo Beatport


Andy D’Arrigo’s passion for music started at a very young age, with musical influence from his musician dad. After witnessing the advent of electro-house music, Andy started pursuing new sounds. In 2008, Andy D’Arrigo’s musical pursuit led him to venues in Orange County, CA, in which he started opening for prominent DJs. Shortly after, Andy D’Arrigo’s addictive style of house music became receiving bigger followings, leading him to L.A.

In 2009, Andy D’Arrigo’s reputation as an innovative mixer and producer led him to becoming part of Icon Collective, a salient production school based in Los Angeles. Soaring quickly, while growing musically, Andy D’Arrigo had his first remixes picked up by the Acropollos Record, making his way into Beatport. Since then D’Arrigo has had a top 100 selling remix on Beatport, reaching a rating as high as 56. From 2010 and beyond, Andy D’Arrigo’s reputation for bringing about “pulsating euphoria” has attracted mass crowds and live shows in popular Los Angeles venues like the Emerson Theater. D’Arrigo’s publicity has reached wide expansions, allowing him to venture into residencies like Wave House, Sidebar, Fortune, Greystone, Posch, Avalon, and Hyde.

D’Arrigo’s influences span from the Dirty South to Mike Snow, all the while maintaining his own twist on electro-house genre. With his inspiration drawn from various artists like Michael Woods, whom among many others he has performed with (including Tiesto, Dirty South, EC Twins, Bad Boy Bill, and Tommy Lee & Dj Aero), D’Arrigo’s music has become much more diverse and impacting, as evidenced by his tours around San Diego and Orange County.

With the advent of 2013, D’Arrigo’s playlist has been reenergized with imminent new tracks, including “We Own The Night” which features a melodic vocalist, bolstered by palpitating sounds, characteristic of D’Arrigo’s music. Gearing up for the summer nights, D’Arrigo’s stringent work ethic and musical focus has kept him at pace with the always changing tides of house and electro-edge music.