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Andry Nalin, founder of the worldwide known producer duo Nalin & Kane and the Superfly Records label is amongst the few top DJs in Europe. His career started in the early 90s, when he jobbed in a record store in Düsseldorf. He quickly started to make himself a name in the local club scene. His inimitable ability to enthuse people and his talent to hypnotize the nightcrawlers with his beats earned him a career beyond comparison. At first, heplayed at smaller clubs, like the Face, the Checker’s, the NOH Club or the Ratinger Hof. Even there helived up to his name, wich is a play of words with the chemical adrenaline. Like no other, he knows to electrify the crowd with his marathon sets, often lasting more than 8 hours. A trademark, he’s still known for today.

In 1995, he founded the Superfly label together with his friend Harry Kane alias Ralf Beck.

Along with productions from Phil Fuldner, Moguai, DJ Gordon or van Bellen, the early Nalin & Kane singles were released there. In 1997, the track Beachball led to the international breaktrough. Andry took this chance to bring his DJ skills into the world.

Two years before, he started his residency in Germany’s most important club for progressiv house sound – the Tribehouse in Neuss, near Düsseldorf. Together with this club, the name Andry Nalin became a legend wich will certainly reach a long time into this new millennium. As first german DJ, Andry started to establish his very special groove already in the mid-90s, being since called the typical Andry Nalin sound by the numerous fans. So, the english club and organizer Renaissance, wich is traditionally publishing this music since the early 90s, just had notice Andry Nalin.

Thus, it’s not surprising to regulary see his name in the Renaissance program since 1998.

In the year 2001, Andry is a so-called global player, and acts on every continent of the earth have become normality. He regulary plays together with DJs like Dave Seaman, Anthony Pappa, Timo Maas and many more. His tracks like Live At The Crystal Palace or Open Your Eyes, his remixes for Sister Bliss, Frankie Goes To Hollywood or Steve Lawler are shaking the most renowned clubs worl-wide.

The ones who got to know Andry Nalin privately know that he’s still deejaing with the same enthusiasm as in the early 90s, best for many hours.

In 2001, he’s planning a remix album of his project Nalin & Kane, some new singles of Nalin Inc., a mix compilation and an own monthly radio show on germany’s most important radio station 1live.

Wich leaves us in curiosity…