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Andrew Technique

Koper, Slovenia

Tech House, Techno

Basic Beat, Basic Energy, Circle Music
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“It’s true. I’m an art junkie,” admits Andrew. “When I was a kid people thought I’d become a successful painter, actor, singer or whatever. But it was the music that attracted me the most for as long as I can remember. In business I believe in professionalism and dedication, but when it comes to producing and performing music I indulge in being lead by my feelings. And I’m very emotional. I can get goose bumps or even a tear in my eye listening to some great piece of music. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I do listen to the comments given by my friends and people that I personally believe they are credible critics. I respect good-intended critic, but I got where I am today mostly because I decided so and worked hard to reach some of my personal goals,” summarizes his career Andrej ’arkanj aka Andrew Technique.

Although as a master of his own destiny he almost abandoned his dream not so far ago. “Let’s just say I came to the major life-crossroad and had to decide what I wanted to do with life: I could have ended my music career right there and then or choose to channel all my free-time and energy into production and promotion of my own vision of dance music. It never was, and still isn’t, all roses. But now, that I finally get the positive feedback from the right people I’m happy I decided not to quit,” explains Andrew with a tiny sparkle of satisfaction in his eyes. He made some big steps in 2007: he produced bunch of great fresh sounding tunes, his records are now being regularly played by the top deejays such as Umek and Valentino Kanzyani, some of his tracks were already broadcasted on BBC Radio 1 But, regarding the strong competition, Andrew is aware that just a few of good releases will not bring him much. So he doesn’t rest on early successes: “Dedication, sustain quality of releases and a bit of luck are key elements on which I build my future as an artist.”

It’s been more than a decade since he developed a passion for 4×4 beats. “I used to be into guitar music. I learned to play the piano, I joined the garage band as a teenager and I grew up on hard rock and metal,” smiles Andrew on not so distant memories. “During the high school period I came in touch with other genres, widened my musical spectrum and finally turned in totally different direction. I started listening to electronic stuff, learned how the music is selected, performed and produced and in a few years established myself as a tech-house deejay.” Although some could label his sound more like unique mixture of minimal, electro and progressive elements. “We leave in a time of genre blending, so it’s hard to label one’s sound, anyway,” admits Andrew. “But those who follow my work do know I’ve always had a strong passion for organic African rythms.”

And how did he get his name? “Andrew was an obvious choice, just a translation of my civilian name. And I choose Technique since I was always very handy with stuff, I still work in a computer shop, MacGyver is a big hero of mine and the name also reflects what I do as an artist.” And the influences: “I listen to a lot of music and I got inspired by a lot of great artists along the way. I try to find something special in every piece of music and all musicians are mentors to me in a way. But the most important influence for me as an artist was and in a way still is our local super club Ambasada Gavioli. It was the place where I was introduced to electronic culture and where I experienced some great performances of leading Global Deejays.”

Andrew is also known as a “very friendly artist”. He’s a member of SDJF initiative that is dedicated to constant development of the local electronic club scene and supporting young artists. And when he’s not performing on his own, he abuses decks and comps as a member of Foreplay!, R&S and Parallel Fusion (live) projects: “There were also some others, but this things come and go and only the best stay. The basic idea behind collaborations is to get together with other artists, develop and share ideas or blend genres. And it’s always more fun producing and performing music with other people than on your own.”

As a producer he gets all the help he needs from his musical guru Tomy DeClerque. He established his name as part of Tomy or Zox combo on the house scene back in the 90’s and is now sucessfully running his own studio that is second home to some of the hottest young producers in the region. Tomy and Andrew debuted on Kanzyani’s Jesus Loved You label with the Obala EP in late 2007. Tomy also remixed Fresh which was included in Umek’s Essential Mix and released on Circle Records: “Studio is my favorite place for spending free time. I go there most of the days and I try to channel my ideas, thoughts, wishes and feelings into the music.” And since he’s very passionate guy, there’s a truckload of new records with Andrew’s name on it planed for release in forthcoming months. “I’m already well established artist in the region, so now I’d like to spread my sound trough the rest of the Europe and elsewhere. There are many challenges I’d like to take, but the ultimate would be performing on another planet. I’m not kidding. I believe this is something I could achieve as an artist, so don’t be surprised if you get a postcard from Mars or Venus someday.”