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Andrew Fields

Bremerhaven, Germany


Nifty8, Time Fusion, Ultimate House Records
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1995 I started to produce music and djing in different styles. From the year 2002 I was concentrated to work in dance and trance tunes. 2003 I’ve met Steven Liquid who was founded his own label. From that year our friendship became more and more to a partnership. We don’t produce only some tracks together. 2006 we’ve founded the label “Time Fusion” and in the middle of the year 2008 “Nifty8 Digital”.

Our last years were great! We produced tracks for our projects like “Desert Road”, “Way/two/Side” and “Cercano”. Now it comes the time to offer more time for our solo projects. Don’t be worry! The future will bring you a lot tunes of our projects, too!