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Andreja Zelic known as “Andreja Z” was born in Begrade (Serbia), 28 years ago. His career had started in New York, where he had bought his first turntables and vinyls. During the 90s, his was interesting in early Techno scene in “Industia”, leading night club in Belgrade in that period, and instantly consumed by the first wave of Techno music. Not long time after that, his life path was completely formed, and he began to explore various forms of electronic music. Mostly attracted by Detrot and Funky Hard Techno sound, he started to play music. After he had come back to Belgrade, he founded DJ organization “B.U.G.” with Marko Grujicic and Bojan Antic, so they started to perfome in many night clubs in Belgrade and Serbia.Dark and Minimal sets, with Funky siths and percussions are his trademark. He also decided to pursue other goals, started to study academy for audio production and work on his own music, opssesed by sound and capabilities of music softwers.