Top 25k on The DJ List

Andreas Benjamin

Edmonton, Canada

Hard Dance


Andreas grew up during the mid-nineties loving dance music and the electronic music scene. He attended many of the large parties in the city including the Nexus Annual Gatherings, Viva Las Vegas and Vinyl Fantasy. He was also a frequent visitor to the Edmonton afterhours club scene and could be seen shakin’ his booty at Sublime, Climaxx and The G-Spot. After seeing many of the greats play including Paul Oakenfold and Jon the Dentist and seeing how they would work the crowd, he knew exactly what he had to do.

In 2000, Andreas bought his first pair of decks and started to mess about with what he loved most, hard house. Only after a few months of playing around with a small bagful of vinyl, Andreas got his first chance to spin at The G-Spot, later known as Evar After, later known as Replay and now finally remembered as G-Spot. Even after his first night the club owners and other DJs were impressed. Andreas was able to develop the contacts he made into a residency there in just under a year.

Andreas picked up his DJ skills very quickly and soon he was wowing the crowds. He even attracted his own cult following at the G-Spot. His own unique style of what he terms “progressive/hard house” has taken off in Edmonton faster than anyone could have imagined. His energetic style and flashy smile, matched with his own unique taste in music is one that every electronic music fan falls in love with instantly.

Andreas has never been one to let distance get in the way of getting that perfect track. Andreas is always looking for ways to stay ahead of the pack and has often traveled to the U.K. and to his homeland of Germany to keep his beats fresh and up to date.

In 2002, Andreas had a great year, he was privileged to pick up another residency at Sublime Afterhours and later that year started to play regularly at Climaxx. Throughout this time, Andreas had been an on line radio personality at CKER 101.9FM and with his increased exposure in the city was able to pick up a couple of gigs on CJSR 88FM’ electronic music program. He also played at a number of raves and parties including, Red and White, Minimal Red and White, Inclusion and Nexus. In 2003, he also spun at the Sublime’s closing night and at the After Glow party.

As for the future, Andreas is looking to expand his reach beyond Edmonton to the world. He has received offers to play in Arizona and is possibly looking at spinning in Vancouver. Currently he is looking forward to playing in Sylvan Lake at Cyberguess.

In May 2003 Andreas launched his own website, to keep his fans up to date with the latest events in his promising career. You can also download his latest demos, send him emails or make a booking for that wild party you’re throwing. Watch out for this one, Andreas Benjamin’s music and name is one that you’ll want to remember from now on.