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Andre Lucero

San Francisco, United States

House, Techno

Andre Lucero Mixcloud


A veteran of West Coast underground electronic music culture, Andr Lucero continues to reinvent himself. From breakdancing in the early 80’s to his present studio efforts, he always kept his focus on beats and sounds of genres to come. Starting with the earliest electro hip-hop, passing through time and space to the present and future of electronic music, his selections are open minded but always have a dancefloor sensibility.

Not being satisfied with spoon feeding or accepting convenience, Andr has chosen the paths less traveled. Helping foster the rave scene in Santa Barbara; playing at the first mega-rave in the US (Raveamerica); releasing one of the first (if not THE first) domestically produced underground electronic dance music mixed CD’s (Fusion, Volume 1); his involvement with the seminal San Francisco techhouse event/DJ crew, Urban Development; playing with international legends for Space Children and along side bleeding edge electronic artists at [KONTROL], he has been recognized for decades as a stand alone talent who brings something special to the lineup. Sharing the decks with some of the heaviest hitters on the planet, he understands how to rock a crowd as well as to tell a story. No two sets from Andr are alike. Each moment drives the relevance of the music selection. Each moment is unique.

The sound: warm, spacey, funky, soulful techno.

Currently he is working on several projects in studio. Keep an ear out!