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Andre Lesu is Czech Dj and producer from Pilsen. In late 90’s he started to listen and be more interested in electronic music.After visiting few parties he bought all necessary items to home and started with training, it was year 2001. His first music love was hardgroove techno. He also started project Jamal Djs (4 turntables + 2 CD players + 2 mixers) together with his colleague Jacker and they reached a lot of positive successes. In that time they played at the biggest festivals and parties in CZ.Also supported the biggest names of the electronic music scene. Under his techno nickname Malda he made a lot of releases for top hardgroove techno labels. In 2012 Jamal Djs project was closed and both friends went their own way.Andre changed his nickname Malda to Andre Lesu and definitely finished with hardgroove techno production. With new nick came new style and Andre already started to produce and play minimal tech house music. During his Dj sets he is faithful to standart equipment – it means that he uses mix + 3 CD players. So be sure that minimal tech house in his presentation is really powerful!! Whole last year he was improving his skills in studio and worked on change of the style. That’s the reason why this year he already signed top minimal labels like PortRec, Flat Belly Blue, Hamburg Aufnahmen, Flat Belly White… just to name few of them and that’s only begin. Stay in touch and be sure to check his upcoming music!!!