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Anders is an electronic sound producer and a dj who brings the depth and the closeness of the electronic music sound and the whole culture in his creative work. Anders was born in the middle of the eightieth in Kyiv. Following the same way as the most of djs he started his own way from the love to music. He began his different style music infatuation from his early years. Nevertheless the electronic rhythms of the dance music occupied the leader’s position in his life. Ander’s creative work as the dj work started from the school parties and constantly improved. The charismatic way of playing blows up dance floors with energy and positive. His goal is to move directly forward without any interruptions giving unforgettable positive to people and to create new emotional music creations. The base of his set conception consisis of the different style music as Electro – House, Electro – Tech, Progressive, Minimal, Techno. His first own project ENERGETICA was given a life in 2005. This project is full of the most positive music rhythms of the Electro – House culture. In 2006 the musician repeatedly took part at the show programme “HOROSHOW” in the TV – channel “M1”. In 2009 the new project TECHNO INDEPENDENCE was given the start. It’s sets consist of the toppest releases of the Techno culture. The dj’s future creative plans are stuck to the idea of bringing in his contribution to the music industry development, recording new striking releases and prepearing ultra – modern projects.