Brescia, Italy

House, Progressive House

AKA: Anas Tangi

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DJ & Producer based in London (UK).

Of African roots he was raised in Brescia, northern Italy. The 80’s euro-pop played a major role as a musical influence, and between 1990-1992 he was already heading toward that sound that characterized his life as a producer: Dance music.

Year 1992, “Snap! – Rhythm is A Dancer” was released, and that sound really caught him. It was the track that literally pointed him to the right direction, not only in terms of sound, but also as a goal in life. Italy was some of the best global hits, dance music was mainstream and Anas was in right place, at the right time.

In 1994 he began to invest in vinyls and DJ equipment in order to promote himself and to gain some trust so he could perform for an audience. Occasionally he would sneak to the clubs with older friends, as he was too young to be allowed in. At that time deejaying wasn’t a source of income at all except for resident DJ’s, but Anas wasn’t planning for a career in the music industry. He knew that a lot of young boys and girls were tired of radios and walk-mans and they needed a loud music ambiance in their lives, since clubbing was forbidden for minors. So since he was 14 he would sneak into the clubs with older friends in order to really experience the club feeling, so he could offer it to his friends and make them have an exciting experience.

It took him a couple years of self-promotion in schools and among friends, and while he practiced mixing at home the rumors have been around for a while till everyone in the college started to call him “Hey DJ” with no exception for teachers and the headmaster.

By the end of 1996 the Internet was made available in his area, and since then he began to see endless possibilities for the future. That was the year of a big leap for him: free information, free softwares and VST. At that time the idea that music could be made without expensive studio equipment was ridiculed, instead he saw a big potential in the VST (virtual studio technology) and quoting his words: “if I find a software that can generate sounds, I won’t need to buy a synth anymore, because they are very expensive”. Ideas that make him look crazy among producers in the area, and he was seen as a funny guy although he was good at mixing, but certainly the affirmed producers couldn’t open their doors (or maybe their minds) to the future.

Since the boom of virtual synth’s, however, he was the guy to call in the whole area if you wanted to set-up a home based studio. The more software music advanced, the more he gained respect and eventually some labels begin to take him ore seriously.

Words such as “plugin, fx, VSTi” weren’t very popular, during the period of his early productions you could hear him talking a lot about samples because those were the main source of sounds to be recycled in order to compose new tracks. Although VST was already there, not all DAW’s were VST ready.

He practiced for years on every software he could get his hands on (Fast Tracker – Modplug Tracker – Mad Tracker – Renoise – Rebirth – Orion – Reason – Abelton – Fruity Loops – Logic) but at the end Cubase proved to be the only software that responded to all his requirements in terms of quality and features. At the age of 18 he received his first recording deal and the first record was released in Italy. Within a couple of years Anas was collaborating with more European labels and performing abroad, and in 2001 he signed an exclusive deal in USA. Anas Tangi is now based in London (UK) to run his own label producing his own music.