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Ana Paula

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


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DJ Ana Paula is presently one of the main artists on the world stage of House Music. In Brazil, her home country, Ana Paula has very loyal fans wherever she plays. Charisma, energy and unmistakable beats are her distinguishing qualities. Satisfaction, joy and the ability to transform her sets into unforgettable nights for her public are her main objectives and greatest rewards.

Ana loves what she does and has found a profession that connects her to what she loves most in life: music and people. Her sets have been described as a captivating parade of “well-known tracks mixed with other tracks that we long to hear”. She has the natural ability to mix past and present influences along with an impeccable ability to capture the “moment” of the dance floor. Her sets take us on a real journey into unexpected and surprising sounds.

Ana Paula is not only a complete artist in every sense, but above all someone who has the constant desire for new challenges. Restless, boisterous and tuned-in, Ana Paula has reached the position of the most sought-after Brazilian DJ/ Producer abroad and has included her name on the select list of top international DJs.