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Amy Robbins

San Francisco, United States

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Only 23, Amy Robbins is well on her way to accomplishing a great deal in the world of EDM, both in the scene and behind it. After growing up Washington, D.C. suburb Potomac, Maryland, she moved to California to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at San Jose State University. Two years into the program, she changed direction entirely, to Radio, Television, and Film. Together with her background in programming, web development, and graphic design, she now combines her interests as a developer in the back end of the Internet with her true niche – working in the entertainment industry. Amy has been a Gold Rush Cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers, a radio personality with 90.5 FM KSJS, an Elite Entertainment DJ/MC, video editor for SJSU-related events, and host for a number of events sponsored by Red Bull and others.

Amy began her DJ career in 2010 working at weddings, and continued this passion as a radio DJ a few months later. Her love for performing has led her to the club scene, where she exposes her crazy energy and passion for electronic dance music to the audience. Amy is the life of the party, whether she is behind the tables or on the dance floor.

Amy also has a passion for fitness, which inspired her to create “Stairmaster Enthusiasm” — a series of workout mixes that feature the DJs she most admires, such as Kap Slap, R3hab, and Simo. These mixes have been heard by people all over the country, and the growing support of fans has led to production of many more mixes in the series. She has also begun to leverage her knowledge of web development and graphic design to branch in to music production.

Just watching her, it’s clear Amy thrives on EDM and is more than enthused to share the experience with new and veteran DJs. Her love for supporters and respect for the vets shape her every performance and she always strives to be the best and to draw the biggest crowds when being welcomed by a new audience. She encourages all that are interested to explore her website and social media pages to get to know her ridiculous but warm personality.