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Amy Parnell


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Alive and enigmatic, Sydney’s tenacious and musically avid Amy Parnell has her finger on cue. As one of the leading up and coming female DJ’s in Australia, she is solidifying her profile on the ranks with her push on the world’s enthralling trance, techno and psy lines. This girl makes a racket, and a good one at that. With inspiration powered by Simon Patterson, Jordan Suckley and Will Atkinson, Amy brings a perfect musical get up.

Slowing down is laughable for this self-taught producer in the making, provoking a charge in the electronic music industry that is set to shake the ground as it stands. Taming a love for the beats that push her crazy shows and goals in the studio, her winning attitude forms a constitution amongst many.

Sharing the stage with Bryan Kearney, Coming Soon, Standerwick & Indecent Noise, its no surprise Amy takes a share of the bill spread when the big guns come to town, where residencies are held strong with Voodoo and Genesis Industries in Sydney.

Amy is a natural born talent with an unprecedented magic, the studio lights up while dance floors are kept pumping upon her presence.