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Bombay, India

Breaks, Electronica

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Marshalling music lovers and clubbers to his sound, the much in demand DJ and critically acclaimed Electronic Music Producer, DJ Amul carves a melodic niche every time he is behind the console. Popularly known for his signature style of mixing; DJ Amul is predominantly distinguished as a rare DJ who spins diverse genre of Electronic Music. His versatile music talent has fast gained him much respect and recognition in the Indian Electronic Music scene. Also, he one of the rare DJs in India promoting alternative/eclectic genres of music like Dubstep, Break Beat and Drum-n-Bass through his gigs.

Started spinning professionally at the age of 19, DJ Amul learnt the art of mixing from the grandmaster Jo Azaredo. DJ Amul’s flawless and apparently effortless mixing talent and intrinsic track-cum-tune selection immediately bagged him an envious profile as a ‘Resident DJ’ at club Zenzi. Famous in the national music circuit for supporting and promoting cutting edge underground music and art, DJ Amul played here for over 4 years until September 2010.

It was in 2006, when DJ Amul started dishing out Electronic Music to his frenzied followers. However, personally DJ Amul isn’t caged by a single genre unlike the most. “What makes my music different is that I doesn’t stick to one genre or monotonous style. While I love to spin Dubstep and Drum-n-Bass, I am equally passionate about Break Beat, Tech-House, Disco, House, Techno, Funk and the like.”

Amid his musical voyage, perfectly intersecting the quality/quantity axis, DJ Amul has collaborated and performed with end number of Indian & International DJs, Producers and Musicians. He has played with bigwigs like DJ Steve, DJ JC Jason (Trilogy, Dubai), Bass Society aka Nasha, DJ MarcRobijn (Supperclub, Amsterdam), Shiva SoundSystem (U.K), Funk D’Void (Barcelona), Pawas Gupta (Daso & Pawas, Germany), DJ Woody, Ravi Chari Quartet and many other Vocalists, Percussionists and Instrumental Musicians. DJ Amul continues to present his original and unique sound; branding to an inquisitive party crowd that is swiftly developing into a community of loyal fans.

Closely following the latest underground tunes, this humble young representative of the next generation Electronic Music gets only better every time he is behind the console. No wonder his impeccable mixing style has been appreciated by clients like Fashion TV, Elite magazine, the prime India Fashion Week designers and the like. With a musical presence and maturity beyond his experience, DJ Amul is indubitably one of the most talented, exciting and a preferred Electronic Music DJ and Producer to develop in recent years.