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A true DJ, her passion is her music; she is unpredictable and unprecedented. With a seductive melody, she takes her listeners on a journey, grabbing hold, and keeping them grooving long into the night. She is DJ AMtrak, and her world is a mix of deep and jazzy, funky and tribal, classy but sassy house music.

Ann McCullough (AMtrak) began her musical career by training on the clarinet and saxophone. Her love of music led her to amass a vast collection of vinyl. Her photographic memory proves to be a valuable asset when she is on the tables, helping her find to that record quickly, without missing a beat. She prides herself on her ability to “read the crowd” and many memories are made with her sets as the soundtrack.

Ann first got interested in Djing after seeing Donald Glaude spin an amazing set at Summer Love ‘96 in Vancouver. The experience had such an impact that she was determined to get behind the decks herself. And so the story began – and in only four short years, she had catapulted herself from amateur DJ to one sharing the stage with some of the world’ greatest in house music, including: Doc Martin, Danny Tenaglia, Baby “Hec” Romero, DJ Heather, Richard “Humpty” Vission, Sandra Collins, Max Graham, and Anne Savage. AMtrak has been profiled by top music media- including Mixer, Electric Circus (Much Music), Tribe, Klublife, Fashion, Eye, and the Loop.

Most importantly, AMtrak has a following of fans in each city of the cities she plays in and has a reputation for “packing the venue.” She currently holds a Saturday night residency at Element Bar in Toronto and a monthly residency at The Drink Nite Club in Vancouver. She is also working on original music, to be released in the spring of 2001, on her own label Buck-O-Five Records.

AMtrak is determined, hardworking, full of life and positive energy. Watch for this DJ as she mesmerizes crowds around the world with her signature style of deep, jazzy, funky, sassy, tribal house.

Her star has only begun to rise.