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From a very young age, Caleb Cornett found himself heavily influenced by music. Born and raised in a small town in eastern “bluegrass” Kentucky, Cornett spent much of his childhood banging on his small keyboard and strumming his first notes on guitar. It was then that he realized he had found his niche – his own form of self-expression.

A decade later, a 24 year old Caleb is known to the world as Amtrac. Making a name for himslef remixing a diverse array of artists including Metric, Chromeo, Apparat, Treasure Fingers and The Beach Boys – as well as sharing the stage with Diplo, Mr.Oizo, Alex Metric and Steve Aoki – he has proven he has the authenticity it takes to stand out in a world full of gimmicks. On his full length LP, Caleb showcases his ability as a producer, songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Available Worldwide Septmeber 27, both the industry and internet are buzzing about the first single and title track “Came Along.”