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Since very little felt weakness for abstract electronic sound, harmonies and melodies enveloping dark sounds etc … taking as a reference to Mr. Oizo, Dark Globe, Simply Jeff, Überzone, Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre and Kitaro. In 1999 he started as a DJ, known as “Crazy Boy Dj” strongly driven by the scene breaks the moment. In 2005 he entered the world of essences combining trance production with breaks. Currently, including its early underground sound and beyond productions, working with great dedication to projects Breaks, House, Techno, Progressive, Electro with surround sounds, melodic, progressive and abstract that can reach wrap. Sudden Shock is born of the darkest and most violent of Amper Clap with this alias takes its beginnings in the hardcore scene that combined with the experience and knowledge of Amper Clap work lead to Drum’n’Bass, Breaks, dubstep and Hardcore (horror) as dark, sinister and murky you could hear. He has shared the stage with cabin or: Cooh, Mauro Nakimi and Mr. Jack.