Amorous iTunes


His life begins in a nonsense reality, where illusion rules love, where nostalgia colours the sunset, where music wipes away the morning tears. A place, where he feels moonlights leading his dreams, rage… erasing his silence and even conscience feeding his hesitation.

And there is always a question, when someone tries to design the boundaries of this view… Then, his answer…, hidden in every heartbeat, in every moment, in every emotion music gives us!!!

He is 24 y.y.

As romantic as a TRANCE MANIAC!


From tape-recorder to nowadays technology…

This is his short journey of nine years, full of favorite radio programs, idols and teenage daydreams.

A journey full of hard bass, harder beats and magic sounds, always driving his adrenalin, to that point, where his psycho brain is ready to make you live it up, scream, vibrate, jump, fly, feel, revive, kneel down, cry… and perhaps… remember…

“Human beings are condemned to dream, until the day they’ll be able to buy the time…”