Amor Beatport


Without exaggerating, a true house pioneer spinning house music since the early 90ies when there were only a couple of clubs able to absorb any fraction of electronic music what so ever. By the end of the 90ies he started a DJ tandem with his schoolmate and friend Darian playing in the glamorous Quorum Colours club in Rijeka, which represented a divine cult among Croatian, Slovenian and Italian clubbers at the time. Proving themselves through major house parties in the club, for Amor&Darian that became just a first step in building their career as upcoming DJs NO.1 in Croatia. The real proof came soon after when the most respectable club of the region, Izola’s Ambasada Gavioli involved them in their standard DJ roster for many budget parties with many star DJs, so they established themselves as AG’s private residents. Simultaneously with their international success, Amor&Darian started a new club night called ’’Silence’’ held in Opatija’a Hobbiton club on Thursdays. Silence’’ soon became a synonym for wild and unforgettable parties and quality house grooves presented by Amor&Darian, already recognized as true local heroes and their friends. Every Thursday a stampede of clubbers loaded the Hobbiton interior forcing the club staff to introduce a severe door policy and soon turning ’’Silence’’ into a semi-private party…Amor&Darian alongside ’’Silence’’ continued gigging all over Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Austria, Checz Rep, Italy, Serbia etc., but the crisis most of the Croatian clubs were suffering and nevertheless the closing of Hobbiton, one half of the tandem started having second thoughts about DJ-ing and Amor was soon faced with the fact that he’ll have to continue his career without his partner Darian…After a year full of doubts, he is entering this season as a member of the BODY JACK team prepared to conquer the dance floors one more time…THE PARTY GOES ON!