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Cape Town, South Africa

Psy-Trance, Trance

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Raised as metal head, the harder, in your face kind of lifestyle had stuck with AmodKiT through his younger days as an INDUSTRIAL / EBM / GOTHIC dance event organizer, Black-Metal band member and sound engineer, to where he is today…

A 145% “IsraAlien-FulLON-DiscoBuFF” Psytrance lover!

2005 early in the year, it became clear to AmodKiT that the 32 note bass-line, vibrating his life along, was permanent! And that further RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! AmodKiT made the bold move to leave his well established co-founded entertainment organization, “Club V.A.M.P” behind in Gauteng, and move his beat struck ass down to Cape Town… Where the Trance is big and the parties even BIGGER! (thanX Grant VORTEX productions)

Moving down to Cape Town he had very little to go on except a promise from DJ BRUCE, (then still running GETAFIX’s Dj line-ups & etc) to be granted a set on Wednesday nights : a “Bruce and Friends” event hosted at “the FIX” every Wednesday night for a couple of years all ready. AmodKiT performed only two sets at the FIX before he quit!… ….WTF??

Why you ask? He proclaimed the following:

“Even though my sets rocked, and I drew more people to the floor, I knew that what I was offering at that point in time, just wasn’t enough! I can be better, because I can perceive that there IS a higher standard than this. THE PEOPLE DESERVE MORE!”

AmodKiT then set off on the path leading him to where he is at today. A confident, technically correct, miXing machine. Beat infused, at times flashy but always respectful of the music created with love and HARD WORK by all the producing artist out there. Now AmodKiT is a FULL-ON Psy Trance Dj off high quality! Playing only off his original collection of close to 100 albums , 2007+2008 only, ORIGINAL Cd collection. He remains a firm believer that COPY KILLS!!! And claims that any musician worth his salt would clearly hear when NON original CD’s are being played, and refuses to “rape” the scene by playing ripped off music to the masses. He says:

“the job of a Dj is to first and foremost to promote the skill’s and the intent of the artist who created the “cool song” you play to the crowd. Respect every song to the fullest let it play, but play with it…. MOD it a bit, then and only then, do you as a Dj earn ANY praise or appreciation for the work you’re doing. A Dj is a salesman. His product: Fresh released music."

With these moral statements embedded in his brain and moral fiber of his being, he set off to gather the gear, skills and level of ease behind the box, needed to become a world-class performer. This was surely not reached over night. No, it took an additional 4 years of training. By now AmodKiT has been actively involved in a dance scene setting up, partying to, and playing the music to the masses, for 8 years.

In the 4 years since moving back to Cape Town, AmodKiT started his own Audio % Visual Installation company – BINARY AV Installations (registered CC) Specializing in the custom installations of high-end home theater systems. He is currently still going strong at it, making a comfortable living, for himself and his 2 cats. 2QT(male) & V.A.M.P (female).

He is all so deeply involved in the Public Address or PA industry of Cape Town. Working together with CONCERT Audio, the sole suppliers of COMMUNITY loudspeaker systems to the South African market. One of the highest quality loudspeakers known to the big-rig world. Remembers EASTER VORTEX’ 2008’s 65oooW/Rms 4 tower monster of a sound system. AmodKiT managing 5 other employee’s of CONCERT Audio, set that system up, supervised it and took it safely back home.

Only at the beginning of 2008 did AmodKiT feel that now he was good enough to stand proud and tall next to his own set of standards. He started the year off by playing THE time-slot (1:30-3:30am Sunday Morning) at his friend and Record Label manager, Mr Arik Svirsky of 4TuneRecords’s event. Held in Gauteng on the 3rd to 5th of Feb 2008. This was an event to celebrate and promote ATOMIC PULSE’s new CD launch.

A studio recorded demo version of AmodKiT’s set played at this event can be heard on Just sarch for Dj AmodKiT

Its either FULL-ON or its just NOT-ON!

Israeli Full-ON Disco-BufF morning, night and in his brain all the time, going ROUND & ROUND & ROUND & ROUND!

Who Dj AmodKiT aka Chris would like to meet:

People who truly care about, and love music, preserve it in its splendor by enhancing the glory of it through PRODUCING, PLAYING, HOSTING & PROMOTING PSYchedelic Trance Festivals, and party events all over the globe!