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  • Hyper Darkness

    Amit is no stranger to bass music; he's released a slew of drum'n'bass bangers across several col...

    Sat 12th May 5 PM
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AMIT is a UK based live Music Artist, Composer and Producer who tours internationally playing live sets at clubs and festivals. After studying Music Technology at Thames Valley University, AMIT went on to release his critically acclaimed debut album Never Ending 2006.AMIT has been hailed as one of the most distinctive and original voices within the electronic music industry. He is credited with creating a new and innovative sub genre within Drum and Bass, which has influenced a whole generation of new music artists working within electronica. His music is heavily influenced by Asian and MiddleEastern sounds, as well as reggae, dub, electro, and techno. His unique sound gained him releases on some of the most prominent labels Commercial Suicide and Metalheadz. As well as Never Ending, AMIT has released over thirty tracks including Gatecrasher (Metalheadz), Village Folk (Commercial Suicide) and Roots (Commercial Suicide). His work has been placed in the top 5 ‘Best Single’ and ‘Best Producer’ categories on the BBC Radio listener polls. In 2009 while a participant in the Powerlab Scheme run by B3 Media, AMIT developed Electronic Orchestra, a ground breaking concept which saw Amit musically ‘translate’ one of his tracks (with the help of Massive Attacks Neil Davidge) entitled ‘MK Ultra’ from its previous existence as a piece of electronic musicinto a conventional score which can be played by an orchestra. ‘MK Ultra’will appear on AMIT’ upcoming album 9 Times and is the first in a series of ‘translations’. ‘Electronic Orchestra’ is indicative of Amit’s continuing desire to experiment with the boundaries of musical genres. AMIT has supported many bands including the cult group Sonic Youth and Goldie. He worked with legendary bass producer Bill Laswell on a project entitled Inamorata that involved musicians across the globe including Iggy Pop, Mike Patton and Toshinori Kondo (released on the Sony Red label). AMIT has composed music for several award winning short films over the past few years and he completed his first feature film Basement in July 2010. He is currently composing the score for the debut film The Woods by acclaimed Writer/Director Ursula Rani Sarma. In 2010 he was invited to act as Musical Consultant to Sarma as she worked on her new version of Lorca’s Yerma at the National Theatre Studio. He attended a reading of the work in progress and provided an expert appraisal of how the musical nature of the piece could function alongside the dramatic narrative of the play. Yerma was produced at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in March 2011.

AMIT’s new album 9 Times marks an important new chapter for the music artist. The album is the culmination of his journey into the exploration of musical genres over the past three years. As always, his music is underscored with socio political references and an awareness of the global community.