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Amit Shoham

San Francisco, United States


Noice!, Tarantic Records
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Amit Shoham is one of the founders of Tarantic Records. He has been playing music since the age of six and is proficient on keyboards, guitar, bass, and percussion. He has also had a life-long interest in music-related technology, which lead him to pursue his masters degree in electrical engineering and digital signal processing from Stanfurd University. Amit has dabbled in everything from designing studio components to creating computer programs that compose music, and routinely uses his own custom-designed VST plugins in the studio.

Amit first took interest in electronic dance music in 1992 when he was introduced to San Francisco’s rave scene. He began creating techno and house tracks and experimented with live, improvised ambient/downtempo sets. In 1995 Amit began collaborating with San Francisco house music pioneer DJ Blackstone. The duo’s first effort, “The Flute Song” caught the attention of Dubtribe’s Sunshine and Moonbeam Jones. Dubtribe remixed the track impeccably, and released the remix on the Imperial Dub label. Blackstone and Amit launched “House of Stone Records” in November 1998, and released “Johnny Mojo’s Theme,” their first release under the Disciples of Johnny Mojo moniker. In 1999 they renamed the label “Tarantic Records,” and have continued producing and releasing house music since.

As Amit’s passion for house music grew, so did his collection of vinyl. He began learning how to beat match and mix records. At first his sole intention was to improve his production skills by gaining a DJ’s perspective on his material. But Amit was soon hooked and quickly became determined to show off his skills behind the decks. Amit’s DJ and production skills progressed quickly and he continued honing his sound and venturing into new territory, from soulful and sexy deep house to acid house and electro. DJ Blackstone’s involvement in Tarantic Records gradually diminished and Amit eventually took over the label’s entire operation. Amit continues to DJ, produce, and remix house music, runs the Tarantic Records label and collaborates with DJs and labels around the globe.