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New York, United States

House, Open Format

8BIT, Al-amir, Amir
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Amr Fouad The DJ / The Producer / The Audio Engineer, also known as DJ Amir, was only 14 years of age when he got his first computer. It opened his eyes to the Internet and gained the knowledge to become up to date with all music charts around the world. Shortly after he got into Audio Editing & Multi-tracking software which gave him a new scope about music production.

After a number of years of collecting music on tapes, CDs & records, he began spinning when he was only 18 years of age. He started out in his home city and traveled all over Egypt and the Middle East. By age 22 he was resident DJ at the biggest dance clubs in Egypt. Soon after, he received a Bachelor Degree in Hotel &Tourism Business/Management. Yet Music Business and Entertainment had more of an influence over him.

He decided to move to the United States and took a risk, landing in New York in the year 2000. His experience so far has been positive and he perceives having had an influence on the music scene due to the revolutionary remixes he’s created. Also, what he chooses to play and how he plays it are key factors in his success.

Being an International DJ in New York , one of the biggest melting pots in the world, DJ Amir finds a way to win over his crowd. DJ Amir said, “It’s sometimes hard to impress everyone in the room, but you have to be flexible, know how to read the crowd and feel out the vibe. After that, your mixing skill takes over and you learn to know just the right time to change the mood with the music. It’s about taking control of the dance floor and making apparent that as a musical artist, a DJ knows his element.” Cleary, what makes him different is the diversity of dance styles that he plays. He plays almost all dance styles, plus World music due to his experience with a number of clubs & diverse nationalities he deals with.

In 2003, DJ Amir joined SAE Institute in New York City , one of the most Prestigious Schools of Audio Engineering and Production found in the world today. Through his studies, he advanced in his field and gained academic knowledge in the music business and broadcasting industry. By being an avid student, Amir has learned: Audio Technology, MIDI Sequencing and Live Sound Engineering, Record Engineering and Production, Audio Editing/Sampling/Arranging/Mastering, Pre & Post Production, Multi Media & Video Production, Music Business and Management.

Mastering these trademarks has opened his eyes towards implementing new elements to his live set that allows him to stand out from the rest in his field. DJ Amir uses the latest technology in his live performances. Also, the visuals used support the music he is playing. He remixes and produces live through use of professional software and also Broadcasts audio & video via Internet live from the club he is spinning at.


New to the NY scene and quickly becoming popular among New York clubbers is Middle Eastern House music. The DJ to bring this type of action to New York’s hot spots is DJ Amir.

DJ Amir (Producer/audio Engineer) has been able to blend the acoustic and electric instruments of the Middle East with the popular 4/4 house beat. The vibe is tantalizing and moves bodies uncontrollable on the dance floor. The scene as everyone is calling it is HOT & Exotic as the belly dancers & Musicians that accompany it. Check out DJ AMIR @ the Winter Music Conference 2005 as he launches this new genre of house music to the main stream media.

DJ Amir sounds is indefinable very few DJs can transitions from one genre to another with a fluid sense of what the dance floor wants yet Amir effortlessly fusses international house music styles such as Latin house & Afro house and Middle Eastern house to create one great night he successfully maintains his own sounds as its frequently described. his trademark pumping, energetic baselines and tough, yet uplifting melodies lead the dance floor into a hot, sexy sultry vibe in a way that very few djs can, during this ride you are sure to hear some of DJ Amir productions and remixes as it is takes you on a tour around the world of flavored, spicy sounds & vibes, check DJ Amir’s productions and events through his website.