"I remember when me and friends used to get all excited about getting a copy of the newest Michael Jackson single or video, in Iran. We were like, 8 or 9 years old. That wa... read more


Location: Paris, France France
Genre: House

“I remember when me and friends used to get all excited about getting a copy of the newest Michael Jackson single or video, in Iran. We were like, 8 or 9 years old. That was before moving to Canada. We used to spend days copying all of M.J’s dance moves and even more time making semi-perfect “mix” tapes with our double tape decks. I even recall some family members who would ask me for their own personal tapes. I’d enjoy spending time on this much more than what an average 8 year old would be into", recalls Amir Javasoul, now 27 years old and residing in Paris, FRANCE. “Not to use an old cliché but I certainly knew from a young age that music, all music, would be my foremost passion in life.”

Fast forward to 1995 in Montreal, Canada; it has been over a year now since Amir’s close group of friends regularly attend the so called “Rave” parties, almost on a weekly basis. “Its funny, I remember my friend Ibra and others who would rush to DNA records on Friday evenings after school in order to get their tickets for the weekend. I was still very much into my hip-hop and Rock&Roll so I would pass. until that one night when I gave it a chance. I guess that was the beginning of my house music life.”

From there onwards Amir began attending what he calls “the good parties of the good old days, the better dayz”, where the emphasis was put on having fun and just dancing to whatever made you shake it. However, it’s Derrick Carter’s now legendary “Atomic” nights, in Ottawa, Canada that gave Amir that initial push and desire to be the DJ he is today. "It’s funny; I still remember the exact moment when I had a “moment”. 5:30 in the morning, Derrick stopped everything, turned the lights off, silence, and then, Lil louis “I called you”. Two hours of mid tempo, obscure old Chicago acid, disco-not-disco followed. Inspired, is an understatement. I always knew music would be an integral part of my life. But I found out on that dance floor that it will now BECOME my life".

Since then, it’s been a long and positive journey. From throwing the first ever rave parties in the small university town of Kingston (where he attended Queen’s university) to playing many clubs in his hometown of Montreal, Amir definitely acquired the needed experience and record culture that is the base of his DJing career today. Fast forward to 2001, attending his second Miami Winter Music Conference, Amir was yet again inspired by a legend, when he witnessed DJ HARVEY’S early morning set at the Wax Records party. This had a major influence in the evolution of sound/type of house music Amir is known to play these days, mixing in a blend of funky Chicago house and groovy S.F electro/house.

2001 was also the year that saw Amir make the move across the ocean, to Paris, France, where he resides at the moment. Bringing Chicago to Paris, his Classic Records party (with DelaHouse) was truly a success. He, alongside Luke Solomon and Rob Mello gave an unforgettable performance still talked about. Mingling with local heroes, Amir has played alongside artists such as Laurent Garnier, Djulz, Phil Weeks, David Duriez, Cisco, Dan Gennacia, Jef K, Ivan Smagghe, Sam Karlson, etc… In Early 2002 He also held a short residency at Folies Pigale, where he was able to invite more of his Classic/Music For Freaks partners in sharing the decks with Justin Harris of the fame Freaks, Diz, Tiefshwartz, Heather and Ewan Pearson. The Mid 2002-2003 span was a very fruitful year for Amir and the city of Paris. He held a one year residency at two of the main clubs in the Paris circuit (Studio 287 and Queen Club), along with being in charge of booking international DJs of real caliber as guests. Who could forget June 19th 2002, when thanks to Amir, we witnessed the return of Derrick Carter to France, after a 4+ years absence.

This sparked the debut of the now infamous “ClubWorld” nights at Queen Club. The guests during this 12 month residency included: Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Onionz, Rob Mello, Satoshi Tomiie, Phil Weeks, Fafa Monteco, Steve Bug, Kenny Hawkes and Armand Van Helden.

Collaborating with the many artists mentioned above, one in particular stands out.

“So this guy came to see me play one night, on the Concorde Boat. He was like "hey! I love this record! No one plays this stuff here except me. It’s cool to hear someone else being into this kinda stuff. “The record was an old Brett Johnson on Seasons and the guy in question was Phil Weeks. We’ve been friends ever since”.

Phil owns and runs Robsoul Recordings, one of the most respected and successful underground house labels today. Phil and Amir’s friendship and collaboration has taken them to some of the best clubs and cities in the world where they are able to represent the sound they have come to cherish through the years.

At the age of 27, Amir has a promising career ahead both as a DJ and as a recording artist.

“2005 will definitely see me spend a lot of time in the studio.” “It’s definitely the logical step ahead for me”. "But one thing’s for sure. DJing will always take priority. It’s in me and I can’t let it go. Me and Phil just started a monthly Robsoul residency at BOA nightclub, one of the best clubs in Canada. Really excited about the possibilities of that one. I also have my Classic Records residency at Redlight, in Paris and a wicked Sunday night monthly “Sessions” party with my friend and colleague Sam Karlson There’s a new mix compilation in the works for Robsoul, a new label, and a whole lot of record playing around the globe.

Shouts: D.Carter, for everything that is “music” and mostly, for everything that is not. Ibra, Rob Brown, Brendan, Jeff P, James L, Urofikki, Atomic, Sona, Industry, Stereo, Fouf, Jaime, Angie, Balu, Jai Bar, Nav, Holloween 1999, Phish, Harvey, Sneak, Jeno, Diz, Joshua/Iz, Farina, Gemini, Adonis, Fingers Inc, Armando (rip), Mike Dunn, Phil Weeks, JT, Raoul, Solomon, Harris, Mello, Leon and Dan, Chris Duckenfield, David Duriez, Linus, Tom 26th Century, Cisco, Sam Karlson, Filipe Delahouse, Thibault Queen, Ludo Redlight, Ben Cafe d’anvers, Chris Carrier, Hector Moralez, Ronnie Most Wanted, Nicole, DJ Moss, Hakan 909, Robsoul, Classic, MFF, Brique Rouge, Cajual, Relief, Trax, DJ international.

Selected cities: Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, New York, L.A, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Paris, Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven, London, Sheffield, Manchester, Glasgow, Dumfries, Biaritz, Nice, Marseilles, Munich, Manheim, Frankfurt, Ingloshtad, Vienna, Lisboa, Madrid, Istanbul, Ankara, Teheranâ?¦.

Selected memories:

Cafe d’anvers, W/ Derrick Carter, Mark Farina

Cafe d’anvers W/ Derrick Carter, Miss Honey Dijon

Karaj, Shemshak, Teheran.

Terrassa, W/Phil Weeks, David Duriez

Queen W/Derrick Carter

Ministry of sound, The End, Boa Redux, Crystal Istanbul, Sona, Redlight, July 13th 2003 Terrassa, Paradise Garage Lisboa, WMC BBQ 04, Robsoul/Classic WMC 04, and so much more….